logic problem: a puzzle in which the answer can be deduced from a given set of premises.
i've always liked documenting and solving logic problems! as a software engineer, i am especially interested in the human and social impact of the logic problems i solve.
logic problems i think about:
protecting internet-connected systems, including software, hardware, and data.
ethical issues in the computing space and how to approach emerging technologies as a techno-optimist.
i've worked on:
amazon supply chain optimization technologies capturing/recording suppression status updates and allowing customers to query historical suppression updates from the datastore.
aws cryptography as both a 2019 amazon future engineer and 2020 sde intern.
built by girls at uiuc as founder of a chapter of the national organization dedicated to preparing female leaders for careers in technology.
fact 2021 as it chair for a conference that brings together over 1000 filipino-americans from the midwest and around the country.
snag, a spotify visualization tool allowing users to upload and view, sort, search, as well as compare their data.
learn-build, self-teaching done right.
shibemon, pokemon but with shibas. game manual.
essays regarding ethical issues in the computing space.
coursework including data structures and algorithms, system programming, databases, technology and advertising campaigns, game development, ethical and professional issues, user interface design, and more.
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